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About us

What is Xborder Marketing ?

More and more brands are now searching for ways to market their goods and services internationally. As a result of X Border trade, Xborder Marketing is required. This is where the seller sells to consumers living in another country and the seller needs to reach, advertise and connect with potential customers. By using Xborder marketing, your brand must be translatable to a global audience if part of your growth plan requires Xborder marketing. By expanding your market, you will also find opportunities for media arbitrage by opening up your targeting to foreign markets.

Why should a business choose to expand in Japan?

After the US and China, Japan is the third largest economy in the world and the world’s second largest computer and telecommunications industry. In addition, Japan has also become the place for new products and ideas for several foreign companies to create. Moreover, brand trust, credibility, quality and value over price are prioritized by Japanese consumers. So it is important to take these into account when you build your Japanese marketing plan.

About Digital Agency Corporation

Digital Agency has provided marketing support to over 400 corporate clients for 25 years, mainly in the area of website creation, operation and analysis.

Many of our customers are Western companies entering Japan and public listed companies in Japan. Digital Agency supports business expansion of customer businesses to quickly realize their entry into Japan and other Asian markets.

The services offered by Digital Agency are provided in full digital from supporting existing users, considering feasibility of market entry, and executing marketing activities in the Asian region. This method with incomparable cost effectiveness and speed against traditional methods allows us to expand client businesses to the Japanese market.

About us